Monitoring the water quality of your distribution network system can prevent unnecessarily increased costs and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The microbiological and chemical water quality is a key factor in the collection of data regarding the status of your domestic water installation. Both the detection and coherent evaluation of individual parameters can indicate possible health risks for your guests and also reveal technical network issues. By monitoring all parameters on a regular basis, you can identify and reduce any potential risks at an early stage.

We conduct examinations of the quality of your domestic water installation only in accordance with valid national and international standards and norms. Our staff samplers are well trained and can demonstrate extensive technical expertise. Considering local circumstances, we carry out practice-related sample reports. Our laboratory test reports back you up at all times.


Airconditioning, extractors and ventilation systems run through buildings. We help you to maintain an overview.

Our physical well-being and mental performance often depend on a satisfactory indoor air quality. However, very often hygienically relevant aspects are not taken into account sufficiently when maintenance or cleaning services are performed. A regular hygienic examination of your installation combined with microbiological controls help you maintain an overview and ensure clean air for your guests. For seminars or training courses, for instance, a decent indoor air quality of the conference rooms makes all the difference.

We examine the quality of your ventilation systems according to valid standards and norms. Evaluations of the results are conducted by our qualified and experienced staff in our laboratory space. Critical control points with circulating water include cooling and humidification, filter sections and surfaces with ventilation systems or exhaust systems with canteen kitchens.


We connect engineering standards with legal provisions

As an operator there is a number of laws, regulations and legal requirements you have to comply with. The most relevant part regarding hygienic matters concerns the security of your staff and guests. Implementing a functioning test management allows you to carry on with your business projects.

There is a number of laws and regulations that create legal requirements and duties you have to fulfil. A simple test management ensures that you are aware of possible risks and have made appropriate arrangements. To a great extent, hygiene requires efficient planning.


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For us, hygiene means sensitivity, precision and thorough documentation.
Quality is an ever-ongoing process.