Commercially operated swimming pools are subject to stringent legal requirements. We support you in all matters.

The operation of public swimming pools, therapy pools and whirlpools is subject to various laws, regulations and norms. Technical and hygienic aspects often go hand-in-hand. Your annual expert opinion on water quality must guide you towards a safe and hygienic operation of a public pool, other than simply being a one-off quality report.

We provide expert opinions in accordance with legal requirements and which can be used for presenting to authorities. We assist you with interpreting the results and communicating with operators responsible for technical implementations.


Every skin contact with surfaces requires hygienic action.

Are your hygiene measures effective and efficient? Do you successfully implement your hygiene plans? In order to ensure comlpetely hygienic operation, a regular inspection of disinfection measures is necessary. A large number of factors affect the well-being of your guests. Spa areas are particularly exposed to unhygienic influences, and due to humid environmental conditions these areas offer habitat to many organisms. This requires hygienic actions, from correct hand disinfections to the reprocessing of towels.

We assist you with establishing your hygiene concept and inform you regarding the demands on disinfectants and their applications. Also, we review the effectiveness of your disinfection measures and can confirm whether your installation is operated hygienically on the basis of sample checks.


Sport mats, heavy weights, floor and changing rooms – plan well, train well.

Even though human perspiration is a minor hygiene issue, the conditions of fitness areas still need to be addressed. Organic residues and warm temperatures benefit the growth of many organisms. Therefore, implementing hygiene plans as well as appropriate disinfection measures are required in order to train free of any hygienic worries.

We assist you with conducting a risk analysis and the subsequent hygiene plan, and we examine your selected disinfection procedures on a sample basis. Both documentation and raising awareness of critical points among your staff are the key to success.


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