Bathrooms are critical areas in hotel premises.
This concerns joints between tiles, moisture, heat and organic contaminants.

Bathrooms are a considerable risk concern regarding hygienic conditions.

Are your showers free of legionella? Is the water from your washbasin of drinking quality? Have faecal contaminations been removed and all areas been properly disinfected? Is there enough air circulation in order to prevent mould growth, and are all joints and fittings in your bathroom in a good condition?

How do you plan the cleaning and disinfection for bathrooms, and who carries out these tasks? Do your staff have an eye for detail?


Hygienic beds are a logistic challenge to handle.

In statistics, you spend most of your time in a hotel room in bed. The cleaning and disinfection of bed linen therefore requires that strict standards must be met by the hygiene management, your selected business partners and suppliers, as well as by internal workflows. Make sure there are no bacteria, viruses or parasite infections in your bedroom.

We assist you with establishing a hygiene plan, identify potential risks and help you choose your critical control points. We advise you in all aspects regarding the effects of different disinfection methods. In cases of emergency, we will share our experience with you and ensure you are assisted appropriately.


Although the importance of hygienic room air is often underestimated, it has positive effects on your well-being.

In cases of insufficient air ventilation, increased humidity or thermal bridges, indoor rooms can result in problematic areas. Visible or invisible mould as well as increased CO2 content or fine dust can affect the well-being of your guests.

We monitor the indoor air of selected reference premises and conduct a 24-hour surveillance upon request. In this way, we can easily assess the collected data and inform you immediately in case of limit-exceeding values.


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