Enjoy your free time at the pool, take a refreshing shower after treating yourself to a sauna.

The operator has taken appropriate precautions in order to plan your stay hygiencially safe.


Enjoy a clean bed after a long day. Sleep well due to air-conditioning during hot summer nights.

The operator has taken appropriate precautions in order to keep your night recreative.


Fresh salad, sushi and carpaccio. Good taste requires a safe and secure hygiene concept.

The operator has taken appropriate precautions in order to make your dinner perfect.



There are many hygiene factors not visible at first sight. All of the above mentioned services require many work steps.

Legionella prevention to ensure safe shower water, disinfection of floors to prevent mycosis pedis, expert opinions on public swimming pools to monitor the pool water, process water measurements of air-conditionings and control of indoor air, cleaning and disinfection of washing rooms, monitoring and assessment of kitchens under the quality system control HACCP, control of cold chains and of food processings.

As travellers, we do not notice the issues listed above or we simply take them for granted. However, our increased focus and experience have taught us otherwise. We assist businesses to implement appropriate and necessary steps to ensure hygienic conditions are achieved. Although there can not be a guarantee of 100% security because hygienic controls can only be conducted on the basis of samples, our approach regarding hygiene is a clear commitment and a working management system. Both are important factors to maintain the gap as small as possible. For us, this is a key criterion.

You leave for your well-deserved vacation together with your whole family, including children and even grandparents. You bring along persons with weakened or not yet fully developed immune systems. You can choose between two hotels, both of which dispose of a thermal resport with spa and wellness area. Both hotels offer full board with fresh buffets every day, are comparable by their locations at a lake or in the mountains and also by their prices.

How would you choose if you knew that one hotel was making every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible regarding hygienic matters?

Transparency and honesty are one way to meet the high standards and needs of your costumers.


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