Bars, buffets und kitchens. Achieving hygiene through the stomach.

Food and hygiene are closely connected factors. Personal hygiene of staff is not only a prerequisite, but also includes hygienic conditions at work and with the processing of food. Sustainable quality is achieved by a comprehensive hygiene management and effective trainings regarding hygienic actions.

We support you with selecting appropriate control measures and help to train your staff to identify critical areas. Simultaneously to implementing our hygiene management, we conduct random tests throughout the entire process.


Controlled conditions through hazard analysis and control points.

The quality system control HACCP is part of a comprehensive hygiene management. Although it is the key factor within food hygiene, its main system can also be applied to many other hygiene-related areas. The main objective of HACCP is to adopt preventive measures in order to avoid hazards for the consumers.

Many resources verify the selection of critical control points and the creation of hygiene standards. Our experience enables you to apply an effective HACCP approach.


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