OUR hygienisch.reisen CERTIFICATE

Communicate your efforts of achieving quality to guests and your staff.

The main problem of many quality labels is their lack of credibility, transparency as well as their misuse. Therefore we have decided not to use a ‘label’, simply because within the wide spectrum of hygiene it is almost impossible to reach complete security. But more significantly, the journey to reaching secure hygienic conditions is the reward. The hygienisch.reisen certificate should enable you to inform your guests about your efforts and measures. Also it can be considered as a recognition of the work of your staff, who are competently and reliably taking care of your guests’ well-being.

The hygienisch.reisen certificate is regarded as a confirmation of a sustainable and effective hygiene management, which we issue only in case of recurring and satisfactory results based on all relevant analyses and reports. This approach ensures the required transparency. Out certificate proves your awareness of hygienic importance and your pro-active goal to reduce any risks for your guests.

Do good and talk about it – why not communicate your efforts actively?

hygienisch.reisen MARKETING

Show your efforts at a glance.

Our hygienisch.reisen certificate offers you a wide range of significant marketing benefits, such as the hygienisch.reisen promotional stand on clean and inspected rooms, the hygienisch.reisen sticker for your foyer as well as the hygienisch.reisen folder with hygienic background information.

We help you with communicating your work in the most profitable way.



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