The key element of our work lies in our laboratory which operates according to internationally recognised standards. Here we examine your samples independently, transparently and by complying with the strictest standards and procedures. We have designed our test range in such way that all hygiene areas are met. Together with our independent experts we cover a large field. We offer you services in compliance with highest standards which are fit to be presented to authorities and bodies. Our independence provides you with security.

Thanks to our long years of experience within the field of hygiene, we are able to detect weak points quickly and offer help according to needs. We consider technical conditions and integrate them in the further design process of our concept. Very often it requires only minimal adjustments to reach major improvements.

We work closely together with our clients and do not want to leave them out in the rain after results are obtained. It is your satisfaction that drives us.


We are a team of experienced microbiologists and chemists, processing and disinfection specialists, quality managers according to ISO/IEC 9001/17025/17020 as well as sworn experts for hygiene and microbiology. We work together with an extensive network of partners which enables us to meet every requirement and fulfil every task. We consult medical specialists for hygiene and microbiology for health-related advice. Our Hygiene Centre Dr. Sturm is your full-service provider for hygiene actions.

The Hygienezentrum Dr. Sturm was founded in 2008 by Dr. Sturm and today, after only ten years, it serves approximately 1,000 clients in the German-speaking regions. The key elements of the Centre’s work are placed in the medical field and include examinations of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation procedures as well as microbiological analyses of samplings of water, air and surfaces. We assist our clients with the preparation of hygiene plans and the implementation of appropriate measures. Our Hygiene Centre Dr. Sturm is publicly committed to independence and impartiality. This approach gives you an advantage from which you benefit.



Each company is unique. We never create hygiene concepts without getting the whole picture first. We would be happy to schedule an appointment!


Together we devise a strategy in order to make your work processes more efficient and foreseeable. Benefit from our experience.


Together we can create a hygiene management of effective, efficient and sustainable quality. For us, quality is not a goal in itself, but a journey.


Philipp Hinteregger | ph@hygienisch.reisen | +43 660 11 33 33 0